About Us

In 1996, three neighbors were at a block party discussing what a mess their dogs had made of their grass. Being football fans, as well, they began discussing how it might be possible to create a valuable product for homeowners out of similar material. That is when the brand was born and since it has become a very popular product that has exploded in some areas of the country. Our products are still made in the same facilities they were made in when it started 20 year ago. They are also made with the same care and expertise that was taken back then. In addition, it is our goal to educate each of our clients on the importance of maintaining their synthetic turf artificial grass or artificial turf for it to last for years to come.

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Why educating our consumers and the general public is important?

 We once started out not knowing much about what it takes to use synthetic grass at home. It was something we found important to research and investigate prior to even starting our company. Because of that it is something we would like to share with the world. There is no reason to keep our knowledge to ourselves when it could be benefiting hundreds of thousands of people. This is the very reason we have decided to put it right out in the open for everyone to access. We pride ourselves on our customer service

Why our customer service is such a big part of our company?

In the broad sense of the word, we are customers too. This makes it easy for us to grasp why it is so important to treat you our customers with the aught most dignity and respect. If it was not for our customers we truly understand that we would not exist. Feel free to contact the customer service numbers listed if you should have any questions or concerns. Also, we thank you for utilizing our website in order for you to learn everything regarding the world of artificial turf. If you need us we are certainly here for our customers above everything, so please reach out.

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Why we know what we are talking about?

All three of us: Bill, Bob and Steve are continuing to make sure that we are always providing our customers with the very best artificial turf and artificial grass on the market. It is are goal to study and gain knowledge on the latest products out there in the artificial grass markets. We have also all studied various segments of the industry and have MBA’s as well. We are well educated in order to provide you with the best our industry has to offer.

As you can see our goal is to provide our customers with as much knowledge as we can about the artificial turf field. If there is something that you are looking for in the field you will be able to find it on the website. We are packed full of interesting information that will allow you the customer to make an informed decision when it come to your turf. Please take a look around our website and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Providing you with the best product and the best customer service is our goal.